14k Gold Nose Stud, 2mm Prong Set Cubic Zirconia, Nostril Corkscrew, Clear Gem

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14k Gold Nose Stud, 14k White Gold, 2mm Prong Set Cubic Zirconia, Nostril Corkscrew, with a Clear Gem.

Material: 14k Gold & 14k White Gold
• Gauge / Thickness: 18GA (1mm)
• Length: 1/4" (6mm)
• Gem Size: 2mm
• Style: Corkscrew Bend

There are countless of choices when it come to nostril jewelry, but no other style has stand the test of time like this 14 Karat Gold nostril stud with a Cubic Zirconia Clear Diamond Gem to let everyone know you got Style and Class.

Not to mention it comes in 14 Karat Yellow Gold and 14 Karat White Gold guaranteeing you no skin reaction.

All of our Gold Body Jewelry is hand polished to a smooth mirror finish for easy insertion and comfortable wearing.

As an alternative you can also see our Titanium version of this item here:


Packaging information:

All our products are stored and packaged in individual, tiny, sealed crystal clear cello bags. So as to avoid the metals rubbing against other items.

Then we insert these tiny bags in Poly Bubble Mailers Self Seal Padded Pink Envelopes. These are really tough envelopes to insure the items are not damaged during transport.


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Gauge Conversions



20 0.8 mm
18 1.0 mm
16 1.2 mm
14 1.6 mm
12 2.0 mm
10 2.4 mm
8 3.2 mm
6 4.0 mm
4 5.0 mm
2 6.0 mm
0 8.0 mm
00 10.0 mm

Length Conversions



1/4" 6 mm
5/16" 8 mm
3/8" 10 mm
7/16" 11 mm
1/2" 12 mm
9/16" 14 mm
5/8" 16 mm
3/4" 19 mm
7/8" 22 mm
1" 25 mm
1 & 1/4" 32 mm
1 & 3/8" 32 mm
1 & 1/2" 38 mm
2" 51 mm

14k Gold Nose Stud, 2mm Prong Set Cubic Zirconia, Nostril Corkscrew, Clear Gem