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Wood: Pair of Organic Hand Carved Sono Wood Tribal Ornament Stirrup Hanger Earring (Vital Body Jewelry)

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Wood Hanger Earring: Pair of Organic Hand Carved Sono Wood Tribal Ornament Stirr

Information: The tapered pin that goes through the piercing is between 16 and 14g.

Please Note: Due to the natural textures of sono wood each piece is made to their capacity and may be oddly shaped & patterned differently. We do our best to match up the two most alike. All natural organic jewelry pieces are recommended for healed piercings. By wearing natural material piercings help reduce bad odor and ensure safe and comfortable jewelry for people with metal allergies.

Always keep in dry and well-ventilated area. Organic material is heat and moisture sensitive and can warp, swell, or crack, if not cared for properly.

Please be advised that there may be some variance in color and tone, due to the product being made from raw, natural materials.